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Surviving a critical juncture within my work or surpassing the point of insecurity doesn’t carry the weight it once did. I have realized that my drawings need not exist in reality, my faith that they could be real is enough. Unexplored canyons and undiscovered wildlife exist in many dimensions until the mysteries are broken and forced to join the families of thought we know to exist. Similarly, my drawings are a journey of discovery fueled by the riches of the earth and the anticipation of a new beginning. Our world’s vast expanse of diversity in every form is the truest sense of “surrealism” and often the more bizarre, the more beautiful.

I am seldom anxious when starting a new piece but often overwhelmed at the prospect of forgetting conceived elements before drawing them. The process of creating a fleeting existence links feelings of connection to my environment with intense divinity. Respectfully, I’d never discredit earth’s magnitude by guessing what benevolence it holds for me. My responsiveness is pure and heartfelt. I freely give my works love and devotion for a glimpse of visual emotion, not only accepting the obscure but embracing it. The arc of convention that safeguarded my work for years has been breached, bringing the backdrop elements of life into the foreground. While environments change through my work, ideals remain steadfast. I show with hope and enthusiasm a bending reality.

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